Assessment 4-12

"As a business owner or manager, you are great at running your business. But do you really understand your network needs? A KKI business and technology assessment allows us to show you the best solution for your situation. By doing a complete assessment, we can save you money by avoiding unnecessary upgrades and services.
Our business is to make your business run better."

Rob Nyhof
Sales Consultant
KKI Technologies

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Step 1: The Technology and Business Assessment

A thorough assessment of your business vision and current technology is the first step towards identifying problem areas and developing a customized solution. This step will give you a vision of how you can use innovative technology to accomplish your goals.

The Assessment:

Identifies Problems

Ideally, the technology in your office — the workstations, servers, printers, and network — would work together efficiently so you could focus on your business goals. But aging hardware, out-of-date software, inefficient network configuration, or a host of other potential problems often get in the way. As we assess your business and technology, we'll show you what exactly is keeping your system from operating at top form.

Evaluates Needs

How much traffic does your network need to handle? Can it do that without decreasing performance? We measure and evaluate your network performance against your current requirements and future demands based on your business vision and goals.

Illuminates Hidden Costs

The technology in your office represents a significant investment. However, the largest single cost of business technology is probably lost opportunities and productivity due to technical problems. You probably realize that downtime, weak security, and outdated software and hardware are costing you time and money, but you may not have stopped to consider how much. Our assessment will detail how much these flaws in your system are costing you.

Proposes Solutions

After your Assessment, you'll receive a report that addresses the problems, current and future needs, and hidden costs with specific solutions. We'll show you how to merge your business vision with your technical reality by simplifying your IT management so you can focus on your core business.