Network Care 4-12

KKI Care Bundle PackageKKI Service Bundles package everything you need to keep your business running efficiently - saving you time and money and preventing frustration. Let us create a custom bundle that is just right for your business. Call us today! 


Beyond Network Care

KKI also offers managed service bundles for your desktops and servers.

Network Care Bundles

Is your network protected and running at its most efficient? With one of our Network Care Bundles, you won't have to worry about that—because you will know that we are monitoring your network, keeping it protected, and performing routine maintenance. We'll send you regular reports to keep you informed. Call us today to discuss the best Network Care option for your business!

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Firewall Care Bundle


Firewall Monitoring: We'll monitor basic firewall functions, including connectivity and traffic levels, and issue monthly reports.

Firewall Maintenance: We'll enhance the security and performance of your firewall through routine configuration back-ups and firmware updates.

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Switch Bundle


Managed Switch Monitoring: We'll monitor basic switch functions, including connectivity and traffic levels, and provide you with routine performance reports.

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Custom Network Device Bundle


Network Based Device Monitoring: Do you have a network-based device that's not listed here? No problem! We can monitor its connectivity and basic functions, and keep you up to date with routine performance reports.

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Printer Monitoring Bundle


Network-Based Printer Monitoring: You won't have to worry about your printer running out of toner or breaking down in the middle of an important project. We'll monitor your basic printer functions, including connectivity, toner levels, and maintenance kits needs, and notify you in advance of any issues.