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Custom Packages

Every business is different, with different IT needs and issues. Our Business & Technology Assessment will let us recommend the perfect combination of bundles and services to fit your unique situation. Give us a call today!

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Our Services

Click on any of our services to read a brief description. Some of our services are available on their own, while some come grouped together as part of a System Management Bundle.

Shield IconProtection

Antivirus Antispyware Email Defense Service Backup & Disaster Recovery


Gears IconSupport

Remote Support Patch Management Event Log Monitoring Preventative Maintenance Device Monitoring Email Continuity Discounted Block Hours Staff Augmentation Handheld Computer Support Client Specific Application Support


People IconConsulting

CIO OutsourcingExaminer/Auditor Preparation Business & Technical Assessment Multi-site Integration, Security, Maintenance


Network IconSystem Design & Installation

Telephone & PBX VoIP Network Design & Installation



Every Windows computer connected to your network is required to have anti-virus protection.  We can't keep your technology running smoothly without proactive protection from viruses that can cause painful downtime. Includes anti-virus protection with installation, 24/7 monitoring, automated weekly scans, and a weekly performance report. With this report you will know you're protected.


KKI uses a variety of tools to identify and remove malicious software from your computers and protect them from becoming infected. This includes installation and configuration of software, as well as an initial scan.

Email Defense Service

Safeguard your communication and information integrity through effective, reliable, managed email protection against spam, viruses, spyware, and other harmful malware. This fully-managed email defense service blocks over 99 percent of harmful content and attachments, and includes weekly and monthly reporting of spam volumes.

Back-Up & Disaster Recovery

If you don't have a backup system for your server, you're gambling against the odds—and risking losing all of your data in the event of a hard drive failure or natural disaster. We can prevent hours of downtime and the frustration of trying to rebuild and recover your data by helping you set up a backup system.

Remote Support

KKI's expert assistance is just a phone call away! When you call us or request help through the Client Portal, we'll provide immediate, secure, online support.

Patch Management

We'll save you time and hassle by making sure all your systems are current with Windows updates, service packs and hot-fixes. All updates are tested prior to deployment. This includes weekly Patch Management reporting so you will know everything updated.

Event Log Monitoring

Event Log Monitoring provides continuous monitoring of the Windows Event Logs for errors.  We’ll notify of you critical issues as they occur, and help you deal with them before they become problems.  We are continually adding new critical Event Logs to the monitoring set.

Preventative Maintenance

Reduce downtime, extend the life of your equipment, and lower your total cost of ownership through routine, scheduled preventative maintenance tasks to help optimize system performance. This includes monthly disk defragmentation, weekly deletion of temporary internet files, and more.

Device Monitoring

As part of a System Management Bundle, we can monitor your computers, servers, network, and other network-based devices. You receive monthly performance reports and instant notification of any problems.

Email Continuity

Never lose another email! We'll store your email for you in the event of a network or server outage, and deliver them to you once your connection has been re-established. We'll notify you when the service has been activated, and again when your connection has been returned to normal. This service is optional with our Email Defense service.

Discounted Block Hours

Have access to KKI's expertise for less! Purchase five hours per month or more and lock in our services at a discounted rate.

Staff Augmentation

We can supplement IT staff for clients who maintain their own IT support teams. Should you experience a staff shortage due to vacation, illness or understaffing, we'll supply full-time, on-site IT technicians.

Handheld Computer Support

KKI can help you integrate your iPhone, Blackberry or other small device. We can offer advice about the best device for your environment, help you configure it for connecting to your email, and resolve any problems you may encounter.

Client-Specific Application Support

We'll help you install, maintain and support the software you need. We'll troubleshoot issues and apply various upgrades, updates and hot-fixes as requested.

Business & Technical Assessment

A thorough assessment of your business vision and current technology is the first step towards identifying problem areas and developing a customized solution. This step will give you a vision of how you can use innovative technology to accomplish your goals.

CIO Outsourcing

The role of a Chief Information Office is to ensure that technology empowers the company to better fulfill its goals and purpose. Most small companies cannot afford to hire a CIO but the need for that service is still very much there. KKI can contract with your company to provide the CIO service at an affordable price.

Examiner/Auditor Preparation

Most banks and other financial institutions face routine audits. KKI can help you provide necessary security scans, lists of hardware and software inventory, and specifics of company wide security and continuity measures.

Multi-site Integration, Security, Maintenance

KKI can provide the technology to join your multiple offices and warehouses so that information and communication can flow as if everyone were in a single location.

Telephone & PBX

We'll design and implement a custom business telephone system that fits exactly what you need. Analog, voicemail, and other components are available.


Have custom options at your fingertips by running your phone line through your internet connection! By logging in to your VoIP account, you'll be able to block specific numbers, configure your business phone to ring on your cell phone, change voicemail options, and much more. Give us a call, and we'll help you decide if this is the right option for you.

Network Design & Installation

We can design and install a new network for you that is customized for your unique business needs. A KKI-designed network will be easy and cost-effective to maintain, easy to troubleshoot, easy to upgrade, and more secure and reliable. We'll reuse your existing components when possible to keep your costs down.