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Managed Service Bundles

KKI provides a wide variety of IT managed services. We've grouped some of them together into Managed Service Bundles:


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System Management

After we've assessed your business and technology and stabilized any immediate issues, we can get down to our real business here at KKI—managing your technology so you can manage your business without ever worrying about technical problems. Our goal is to lift the burden of IT management from your shoulders. Your job is to lead your business. Our job is to take your business vision and apply innovative technology to make them a reality.

What are Managed Network Services?

At KKI, we go way beyond just providing technical support or security products or data back-up. While we do offer those things, we offer them in the context of a managed service. What does that mean? Without getting into a technical definition, here's what it means for you: We can monitor your computers, servers, network and printers from our office.

Advantages to Managed Network Services:

If something goes wrong, we'll know without you telling us. In many cases, we'll know before you do.

Many times, we can fix problems remotely—with little interruption to you, and without you having to wait for us to drive there.

Our services are proactive—we can anticipate and correct most problems before they occur.

We'll know if any of your devices aren't operating efficiently, and we'll make suggestions as to how to optimize their performance.

You'll get advance warning if any of your devices will need replaced, so you can plan for that expense.

You get access to our Client Portal, where you can sign in and track any work being done, submit work tickets, view the real-time status of your work tickets, and much more.

You'll receive monthly reports on all the devices we monitor for you. These reports will keep you up-to-date on their status and resource usage.

Our annual Strategic Wellness Meetings give us the opportunity to review with you the current state of your network and discuss future plans.